Meet The Team

Every great team needs 3 superstars.
And we just happen to have 'em.

Lupi Torjo

Nicknames: Pufosen, Bombastic

Lupi is one of those people you simply want around. Always joyful and ready to work. And by work I mean play.

His passion has always been lifting spirits and making people happy. Dealing with customers is second nature, just look into his eyes and you'll forget all your problems. Finally, he's a natural when it comes to sales, you simply can't say no to him. Which reminds me, he's got something to tell you.

In his personal life, he's a real heart breaker -- whenever you see him you can't help but fall in love. Just look at him, you've already fallen for him, haven't you?

Wanna know more? Just drop him an email, he's always happy to answer. In fact, he's already wiggling his tail in advance!

Bela Torjo

Nicknames: Soricel, Mogaldeata

Bela is a true go-getter. Whenever she wants something, she'll work for days, weeks, until she finally gets it.

She's an expert at reading people. One look, and she already knows how to talk to you. Understand the problem and give you a solution. Or, put John to work.

She's great under pressure, and knows how to delegate. Her favorite phrase is "Lupi should do that".

In her personal life, she's as happy as can be. She loves to wiggle her tail as if her life depended on it. She may seem a bit cold at first, but it's just a facade. Once you go passed that wall, she's your best friend for life.

Wanna know more? Just drop her an email, she loves to chat!

John Torjo

Nicknames: John

John is a coding wizzard. He's been doing coding professionally since 1998, and he's been in love with programming years before that.

Even though he's been at it for more than 23 years, programming for him is like great wine. It gets better with age. Between you and me, John will never reveal his age. He's been 24 since 2002 (you do the math). To this day, if you ask him, he'll tell you he's 24.

What initially started as way to animate photos in an album, back in August 2018, slowly turned into a very powerful video editor, built for speed + simplicity.

And what's even cooler is that this is a never ending process - just let him know what you need, and he'll figure a way to make it happen! Because in the end, the app is for you - to make your life easier, and more fun.

In his personal life, he's... Oh wait... what personal life? All he can say for now is that he misses it, and hopes to have one in the near future.

Wanna know more? Just drop him an email, he's more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Or, reach him on twitter.