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Instant Preview

Hover over the timeline to get an instant preview. Click, edit, and see instant results. Everywhere. Yes, everywhere. Yes, like Final Cut.


On the video pane: click on the 'Enable Animations' button, place the playhead where you want to animate to, then select and move your object. That's it. And with keyframes, animate anything - colors, blur, opacity, you name it.

Text Animations

Introducing Char-by-Char animations: select what property gets animated, how it gets animated. You can have sound effects associated with each animation. And you can have several animations at the same time. One word: AWESOME.

Find trending songs

Want to sync your video to a trending song on Tiktok/Insta Reels or Youtube Shorts? I got you covered -- write its name or paste the link of a tiktok/reels/short that uses it. Click 'To timeline'. Trim it if you wish. Enjoy!

Sound Effects

You can apply sound effects to any object - at start, at end, at fade in or at fade out. And you can also apply sound effects to char-by-char animations. We've got over 50 preset sound effects, or you can add your own.

Royalty FREE Music

We've also got 20+ songs you can use in any Cinematic Studio projects, for FREE. Choose what you like, drag it to the timeline. That's it.


All the cool stuff uses keyframes - wether automatically (we have 100+ presets ready for you), or tweak them manually them to your liking. But let me tell you - once you understand keyframes, you can never go back!


Not only have I added hotkeys, but I've made the important ones contextual (Arrows, Space, Enter, Tab), so that you can move pretty much everything, everywhere. Speed taken to the next level. Nice.


Have you tweaked an object and you think you'll want to reuse it in other projects? Right click it, select 'Save as Preset'. That's it. You'll now see it at Presets for that object (Text, Shape, etc.).

Color Templates

Have one of those video editor's block? Can't figure out what colors to use for your texts? I got you covered -- select 'Color Templates' and use an existing preset. Instant preview - as always. Enjoy!

Copy Paste Colors

... like a BOSS! If you want to use some colors that you saw on a website: select the color's RGB, copy it to clipboard. Come back to Cinematic Studio, select a color property, you'll see a Paste button. Click it - that's it.

Contours (PREMIUM)

You can animate the text's contour - as if it's drawn by a pen. Drag a text contour object to the timeline. As you hover it, it's as if an invisible pen starts drawing it. You can also tweak this animation by using keyframes.


I've worked my ass off to make this Dead Simple and Dead Fast. In the process, I've also added features you'll find nowhere else.


It's been a hell of a journey, and it's far from over. I've been lucky to have the 2 most awesome dogs ever - Lupi and Bela.


I have no idea what I would have done without them. John Torjo - dog lover, traveller wannabe, and full time Indie Hacker

Dead Simple. Dead Fast.


Andrei Buliga B.B.D. Records

With Cinematic Studio, it's almost as if I'm on a Mac. Love it!


Cosmin Nechita Video Editor

Love the instant preview. And the latest text effects - I'm still figuring out how to use them, but they're pretty dope!


Iulia Bogdanov Public Relations

I installed the app, watched 4 tutorials, and created my first video. Btw, I just love the new tiktok 'find song' feature!