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Your phone is a great tool to shoot videos, but not that great to edit them. Edit on your best screen – your PC.

Hi, I’m John Torjo, and I made Cinematic Studio so you can create videos that will crush social media. If you’ve been trying to edit videos on your phone (or skipping the editing altogether), now's your chance to make professional-quality videos in minutes instead of hours.


Andrei Buliga B.B.D. Records

With Cinematic Studio, it's almost as if I'm on a Mac. Love it!


Cosmin Nechita Video Editor

Love the instant preview. And the latest text effects - I'm still figuring out how to use them, but they're pretty dope!


Iulia Bogdanov Public Relations

I installed the app, watched 4 tutorials, and created my first video. Btw, I just love the new tiktok 'find song' feature!

Get into video editing nirvana. No more delays, messing with your train of thought.
Think it. Do it. See it. Repeat.

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Choose a template. Replace the placeholders with your videos. Change the texts. You're done!

Over a million stock videos/photos

Experiencing creator's block? I've integrated Pexels, so you can search for any stock video or photo to fit your project. Search, preview, drag and drop. That's it!
P.S. Pixabay integration coming soon!

Instant Preview

Hover through the timeline, and the Video Pane updates instantly. Just like the hand-eye coordination when you drive.

Instant Preview

... It works in 'My Media' Pane as well -- hover over a video, and I auto-preview it. And, in the Effect panes too - hover over an Effect, and I auto preview it.

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Have a message to convey? Use the best tools for maximum impact.

Simulate a social media conversation - type the text, prefixed by me: and you: and Cinematic Studio does the rest. Choose the style (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp) -- and everything updates instantly. You can even simulate backspace. And, you automatically get sound effects!

Text Templates

Lots of templates to choose from. Choose one and then tweak it to your needs. Even on a plain-vanilla text, you can configure an insane amount of properties!

Text Wrapping

... and by default, when Font Size is 0, I automatically compute the best size so your text fits into its rectangle. You can enable Word Wrap -- and I will automatically compute the the best font size AND wrap your text at the same time.

100+ Fonts

Depending on the vibe of your project, choose from more than 100 fonts, neatly organized by typeface.

Character by Character Animations

Bring your texts to life! Mesmerize your audience, with just a few clicks!

You can animate ANY text, in a character-by-character, or word-by-word, or line-by-line fashion. Select it in the timeline, go to the Properties Pane >> Char Fx. Select a property, select its start/end value, how you want the animation to happen, and watch the magic!

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You can simulate backspace. Use the | to enter several texts. I will automatically compute the differences between them, and animate pressing backspace on the text. And, I can also simulate the caret, as if someone would type that text.

Partial Text

Obviously, you can have as many such animations as you like, and create amazing effects. It's just up to your creativity! To unleash that even further, for a certain animation, you can select a part of the text to be animated. Like, turn a specific word blue.

Sound Effects

As each character/word/line gets animated, you can associate that with a sound effect. You can even select a range of sound effects, and choose 'Random' for a more dramatic effect.

Psst, not convinced yet? By all means, there's a lot more benefits Cinematic Studio brings to the table. Check 'em out!